polish broker

We realise that handling finances while living in a foreign country can be difficult, especially when you do not know the language or just moved in. That is why our offer is specifically tailored to fit all needs of immigrants and ex-pats who want to invest money and start companies or businesses in our country. If you are interested in what we have to offer, a Polish broker from our team of professionals will explain all the details about the market here, the banking system, interest rates and loans.

Office furniture

We spend half of our lives at work, so it's good to make sure that the space that we work in is comfortable. Our online shop provides clients with office furniture whose quality is second to none. Drawer tables, cabinets with single or multiple doors, wooden desks in different shapes and colours. There are different kinds of businesses, so we made sure to prepare an offer that consists of products in different styles and colours. No matter whether you run an architecture firm, an artistic atelier, administrative firm, a florist company - we have just a product for you.

Trucking company

In our organization we take pride in the way we provide logistics support and transportation. We are an international trucking company, that does it's best to reduce it's own impact on the environment. The vehicles in our fleet are kept on the highest possible standard CO2 emission-wise. In our line of work it is important to keep an individual approach for each Client, that is why we offer exclusive contracts for vehicle renting and transport of heavy goods. Our extensive experience in hauling makes us a trustworthy business partner.