Pcr test Cork

Even though various restrictions are slowly being lifted, tourists flying abroad are still required to present a certificate that they do not have the coronavirus. Are you planning to finally spend your hard-earned vacation abroad? Book an appointment for a PCR test at our facility in Cork. This is the only, universally accepted certificate that you can present at the airport. If you arrive before 11 AM at our place, we will text you your results on the same day! If you have recognisable Covid symptoms, please refer to Public Health services.

Underground leak detection

If anything thing seems to be just fine, but out of the sudden you receive a huge water bill, it may be a sign that there is something wrong with your pipes. Our company specialises in underground leak detection – this kind of malfunction is especially trick as not every houseowner is able to check it on their own. We use state-of-the-art, trenchless technology, which allows to look for the faulty pipe without digging up your property. If you notice suspicious puddles around your house, contact our emergency line as soon as possible! The quicker you react, the easier the issue will be to fix.

Trucking company

In our organization we take pride in the way we provide logistics support and transportation. We are an international trucking company, that does it's best to reduce it's own impact on the environment. The vehicles in our fleet are kept on the highest possible standard CO2 emission-wise. In our line of work it is important to keep an individual approach for each Client, that is why we offer exclusive contracts for vehicle renting and transport of heavy goods. Our extensive experience in hauling makes us a trustworthy business partner.