Trucking company

In our organization we take pride in the way we provide logistics support and transportation. We are an international trucking company, that does it's best to reduce it's own impact on the environment. The vehicles in our fleet are kept on the highest possible standard CO2 emission-wise. In our line of work it is important to keep an individual approach for each Client, that is why we offer exclusive contracts for vehicle renting and transport of heavy goods. Our extensive experience in hauling makes us a trustworthy business partner.

Wooden bathroom accessories

As a leader in the luxuries design world we set the standards for others to follow. Our team is our strongest asset. For us, what we do is not just a nine to five job. We dedicate ourselves to it and we accept only excellent results. We offer products that are carefully designed, hand-made, and individually crafted. Clients took a liking to wooden bathroom accessories of our making, such as plugs, covers, shelves, seats and steps, soap dishes, towel rails, tiles and mirror frames. Such products are a perfect element of an elegant decor.