DIY hobby horse

Want to try something new? Make your own DIY Hobby Horse! Explore the wares of our online shop to find a whole range of box sets containing high-quality materials that you can use to create the mustang of your dreams. Pick the fur and mane colour of your liking and start the fun! You can also choose one of the pre-made models that you can decorate the way you want!

Best places to visit in Ireland

Are you interested in seeing some of the best places to visit in Ireland? Then check out our Wild Atlantic, True North, and Castles tours! Our guides have specially planned each trip with the right balance of tour and leisure time. If you want to travel the country with your family and friends, choose a private tour.

narcissistic personality counselling

Are you interested in broadening your horizons? Take advantage of signing up for our courses for psychotherapists. During the event, we cover such topics as co-dependency and narcissistic personality counselling. The latter is an experimental programme, which supports the professionals in taking an interactive role in their client’s recovery. We will talk about NPD – how to spot it, how it influences our work with clients, how to tell if our client is being subjected to “Gaslighting”-” Triangulation”, and much more.

UX design research course

Would you like to become a specialist in creating websites? Take part in our UX design research course and learn all the essentials which will allow you to set up your first project. You will find out how to recognize users' needs and learn how to meet them. Our traning combines self-paced learning on your own with a live Q&A sessions with our team of experts. The last step of your adventure will be completing a specific task in order to get a certificate. Visit our website to read the detailed description of the training!

Cockroaches pest control

This one is a real nightmare. Once this insect settles in our house or apartment, it is not easy to get rid of it. Especially since many of us feel fear or disgust at the sight of such an animal. We offer a cheap and effective cockroaches pest control, thanks to which you will not have to deal with this problem by yourself. Those insects are not only unpleasant, but also potentially dangerous - they spread diseases and bite. They do not like cold, so most often they settle close to human habitats.

Botox neck lift

Dr Mark Hamilton face clinic offers various medical treatments for face and body. Besides lip fillers, gummy smile correction, or anti wrinkle injections there is also a botox neck lift, also called Nefretiti. It can be booked only in package with a different treatment (excluding lip fillers!) and cannot be booked on its own. The injections are done for example in the DAO muscles (Depressor Anguli Oris) and Masseter muscles. Click here to read details about the treatment and find out more about our clinic.